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Stephen Cleary and Joan Scheckel Blend their Expertise into New Zealand Films

Over 800 writers, producers, directors and other creatives recently attended the Stephen Cleary/Joan Scheckel Masterclass! Series in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin. 

UK based Cleary, founder and director of Arista (a private film development agency) Joan Scheckel (US based writing and directing coach) held a series of one-day workshops and public seminars on the art and craft of writing screenplays.


Gifted Film Coach Reels in Admirers
By Lawrie Zion

Los Angeles is awash with writing and directing coaches. But in just three years, Joan Scheckel has emerged to become one of the most popular craft instructors in town, especially with film makers on the independent circuit. Scheckel, an actor and veteran of the avantgarde performing arts scene in New York, integrates the crafts of writing, directing and acting to explore every aspect of film craft.