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Mary Ann Marino Investigates the Dynamic Workshops of Joan Scheckel

Joan puts us in the hotseat!" Alison Maclean (Crush, Kitchen Sink) chuckles. I'm talking with her about Joan Scheckel's directing workshop, Working with Actors, an intense five-week rehearsal lab designed to allow directors to deepen and expand their abilities to work with actors. Continues Maclean, "Joan makes us do what it is we're asking our actors to do. The lab is quite intense -- it stirs up a lot of real emotion."

New York Times

Joan Scheckel Directs the Directors

It might look like a dance rehearsal, but these are directors in a filmmakers’ lab in Los Angeles run by Joan Scheckel. Directors of “Whale Rider,” “One Hour Photo” and “Jesus’ Son, ” as well as the current movie “Little Miss Sunshine” have passed through her workshop over the years, sharpening their skills with actors, working on scenes and their films’ emotional tone. In this exercise last weekend, Ms. Scheckel, center right in black dress, extracted physical expressions of the word “yearning” from her students, Lisa Leone, left, Kia Simon, Don Handfield and Ryan Brooks.

New Zealand Film and TV

Vintner’s Luck Feature Film- Cameras Set to Roll

by Bradley Walker

Filming will begin tomorrow (February 19, 2008) on director Niki Caro’s new movie project, the much anticipated film adaptation of The Vintner’s Luck.

New Zealand actress and Oscar-nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes, who came to worldwide attention in Niki Caro’s Whale Rider, is re-uniting with Caro for the project. The film is based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by NZ author Elizabeth Knox.

Urban Cinephile - Australia

He Who Dares... Writes Well

Filmmakers need to think more daringly, more creatively, urges leading American film coach Joan Scheckel, who avoids formula but teaches brilliant improvised solutions, as Andrew L. Urban discovers in a conversation with her on the eve of Scheckel’s Australian tour.

On the promotional literature for Joan Scheckel’s Australian tour in July and August, one quote in particular caught my eye: it was from Australian filmmaker Christina Andreef, who wrote and directed Soft Fruit, a film I both admired and thoroughly enjoyed – as did the Sydney Film Festival audience, among many others. Andreef said of Scheckel:


Kiwi Scribes Enlist at Local Screenwriting Boot Camp

U.S., U.K. pros go down under for workshops
By Peter Calder

AUCKLAND -- Kiwi screenwriters are sharpening their pencils this southern summer as seasoned professionals head Down Under to workshop local scripts. L.A.-based screenwriting guru Joan Scheckel has just completed a 10-day intensive workshop with some of the country's established talents, including the brothers Duncan and Robert Sarkies, who made the comedy thriller "Scarfies," and Gillian Ashurst, the writer-director of local success "Snakeskin." And almost 200 budding writers bid for spots in a three-week Sundance-style screenwriting laboratory in February that will bring some seasoned professionals from the U.S. and the U.K. to work with six writers on their second drafts.

Sydney Morning Herald

Film Coach with a Fondness for the “F” Word: Feeling

"If you're a fan of independent films, you're probably a fan of Joan Scheckel. A former member of New York's avant-garde theatre scene, Scheckel is an LA-based film collaborator who has worked on idiosyncratic features that include Jesus' Son, Soft Fruit and the upcoming One Hour Photo, starring Robin Williams."

New Zealand Writers’ Foundation

Maori Storytelling in New Forms

Nga Aho Whakaari was founded in October 1986 to provide an umbrella professional organization for Maori film-makers and those who work in other communications mediums. The name Nga Aho Whakaari or "the stand of many visions" was given to the group by Waihoroi Shortland, to describe the collaborative and yet at the same time unique contribution of each of its members.

New Zealand Writers’ Foundation 01

New Zealand Writers' Foundation

Stephen Cleary and Joan Scheckel Blend their Expertise into New Zealand Films

Over 800 writers, producers, directors and other creatives recently attended the Stephen Cleary/Joan Scheckel Masterclass! Series in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin. 

UK based Cleary, founder and director of Arista (a private film development agency) Joan Scheckel (US based writing and directing coach) held a series of one-day workshops and public seminars on the art and craft of writing screenplays.


Gifted Film Coach Reels in Admirers
By Lawrie Zion

Los Angeles is awash with writing and directing coaches. But in just three years, Joan Scheckel has emerged to become one of the most popular craft instructors in town, especially with film makers on the independent circuit. Scheckel, an actor and veteran of the avantgarde performing arts scene in New York, integrates the crafts of writing, directing and acting to explore every aspect of film craft.

A Female Gaze on Ladies Who Lust


A Female Gaze on Ladies Who Lust. ‘Afternoon Delight’ Is Jill Soloway’s Sexually Frank Debut

To bolster their intimacy during a 24-day shoot, Ms. Soloway and her stars, as well as her director of photography, Jim Frohna, trained with a filmmaking coach, Joan Scheckel, who had everyone physically act out the script. “I think that self-consciousness is the No. 1 creativity killer,” said Ms. Scheckel, who has worked with the filmmakers behind “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Snow White and the Huntsman.” “So often we don’t want to explore ourselves, but as dramatic artists, that’s our gig.”