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2017.11.17 - Mudbound

Congrats to Writer/Director Dee Rees (Alumni ‘08) on all the success this year for her Netflix released feature “Mudbound”! Already having won 11 Awards, including the Audience Award at the Austin Film Festival, The Robert Altman Award from the Film Independent Spirit Awards, the Special Jury Award from the Gotham Awards, and more! Keep it going Dee!


Congrats to the Alumni of the 2017 November LA Journey Lab!

Congrats to Amberlee Colson, Fernando Fraiha, Gareth Gwyn, Jonathan Hayes, Anna Marbrook, Tommee May, Simone McAullay, Leven Rambin, Nicki Renna, Stephen Ringer, Edward Robles, Erin Sanders, Ryan Schindler, Sam Shada, Scot Hung Tran, Krishnan Unnikrishnan, Zoe Worth, and May Yeung!


Congrats to the Alumni of the 2017 October LA Action Lab!

Congrats to Cole Barager, Nathalie Beahan, Craig Behenna, Liz Benjamin, Sunah Bilsted, Carmella Cardina, Clancy Chassay, Alexandra de la Mora, Jeff Desom, Bob Dickman, Fernando Fraiha, Jeannette Godoy, Finola Hughes, Malaya Kline, Michelle Krusiec, Stephanie McIntosh, Maria-Laura Quintero, Charlotte Rosenberg, Tara Subkoff, Scot Hung Tran, Moni Vargas, and Holly Willis!


Congrats to the Alumni of the 2017 September LA Episodic Lab!

Congrats to Fazeelat Aslam, Leilane Cohen, Taylor Cohen, Ariana Delawari, Jimmy Goldblum, Nicole Lucas Haimes, Melanie Holmes, Yoon Lee, Alex McKenna, Jessica Redenbach, Nicki Renna, Mishki Vaccaro, Matthew Van Oss, and Rowan Wheeler!

2017.09.22 - Battle of the Sexes & Transparent

Congrats to Directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Alumni ‘03 -’13) for the release of “Battle of the Sexes”, here’s snippet of The New York Times review:  “Ms. Faris and Mr. Dayton handle the many moving parts in Simon Beaufoy’s busy script smoothly as they toggle between intimate moments and public events, and set Billie Jean’s bedroom sighs off against Bobby’s heat-seeking braggadocio.” Go watch for yourself!

Shout out to our entire “Transparent” family for the release of Season 4 this year on Amazon Prime! Read how Cinematographer/Director Jim Frohna (Alumni ’98, '06, '11-'16) utilizes the feeling based nature of The Technique into his work on the show! Give the full interview a read on Deadline!





Big Congrats to Alumni Director Niki Caro -  the first  woman ever to direct a Disney live action film budgeted at over $100 Million... and the 4th woman EVER to solo direct a live action film over $100 mil!  And congrats to Alumni Rick Jaffa who will be scripting Mulan with his partner Amanda Silver! We can't wait!